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TACTICO Logistics together with our partner ICOA International has a vision of empowering both small business and entepreuneurs who are experienced at providing services and products in their own region to expand their business into other markets at a competetive price and with a comprehensive range of outsourced support services to make the expansion as hassle free as possible.


Our program delivery methodology was developed over many years of working with clients worldwide in launching products and services in markets where they had not previously operated. 


We believe that our key strengths are being adaptable and reactive to the ever developing needs of our clients, knowing that requirements can subtly change as technology, payment, communications and ecommerce solutions become ever more sophisticated and global.   


We work as a business partner, allocating dedicated resource with the specialist skills to fulfil the client brief, whether the preference is for local talent or globally mobile international consultants. Above all, we believe that by listening to the client and understanding the business context of their requirements, we can rapidly cover ground in the early stages when we agree the basic business plan and objectives, then moving forward to the initiation and solution scoping phases of an implementation program and from thereon, we continue to communicate effectively with the client and any other parties involved in implementation to formalize the program roadmap and work through to the stage at which the business is operating effectively in its chosen market. As far as the timescale it's always difficult to be exact because cases vary significantly but in over 50% of cases we find it's possible to be operating in a new market within as short a time frame as two or three months.

Maria Attard

Maria was born in Malta and specialises in assisting both individuals and companies to relocate to Malta and also advises regarding setting up a subsidiary of a non European company in a number of tax efficient and business friendly European locations.

Maria previously worked for a large Maltese bank as a business manager hence she can assist with arranging banking solutions, credit card processing, business registration and tax efficient company structures.

Maria also has extensive knowledge regarding communications and arranging business support services.

Karl Hoffmann

Karl was originally from Berlin but from the age of 9 until he was 22 he lived in Australia and moved to Malta 5 years ago. He has spent over 18 years working in shipping, freight and logistics. He deals with shipping companies, customs agents, fulfilment centres and packaging and logistics companies throughout Europe on a daily bases and has an extensive range of first rate contacts. Karl also has extensive knowledge of customs procedures and import and export requirements between a large number of developed and emerging markets worldwide.

Karl has specialist expertise in assembling innovative logistics solutions even when the nature of the business involves complex and challenging requirements along with critical timelines and delivery schedules. 

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